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1 Box Bella Anti bacterial threading thread 10 rolls 500 m each roll

Bella is one of the largest selling Eyebrow threading cotton threads

Bella Eyebrow Threading Thread Anti Bacterial. Bella gives you manifold advantages:

• Strength: Bella is stronger than regular threads as it is made from extra-long staple Egyptian Giza cotton, making it strong enough to pull the hair while  being tough enough to not break

• Soft and less pain: Bella contains Aloe Vera-based moisturizer that makes   the thread soft enough to not cut the skin and its healing and soothing  properties reduce post-threading woes. It also makes the threading process  smooth and almost painless for your customers
 Bacteria and fungus-proof: Bella contains ‘Ultra-Fresh’, an anti-microbial  agent which is a specially patented additive. It prevents bacterial and  fungal growth on the thread and their associated ill effects. Ultra-Fresh  does not contain Triclosan – the most common anti-microbial agent that  is increasingly being looked upon with concern for its impact on health  and environment 
• Fineness
: Bella is a very fine thread, so you get precision while threading  
• Natural and 100% safe on the skin: Bella is the only threading thread  that is completely sanitized, making it the safest and most hygienic thread 

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